The newborn session is precious for so many reasons. Your baby is changing daily and in a month will not look like a newborn anymore. That is why the timing of newborn sessions is crucial. The ideal time is within the first two weeks after birth. That is why it is important to have a date saved on the calendar as early as possible. There are also times when baby decides to come earlier than the due date, and for that reason, I try to remain as flexible as possible to accommodate newborns. If you, however, lost track of time and forgot to set a newborn session appointment, do not hesitate to check with me. Although I cannot guarantee it, I will do my best to squeeze you onto the calendar.

My newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the session you choose and how well the baby stays asleep. I have special sounds playing, and the studio will be quite warm to help your baby fall and stay asleep. I only do one session a day, and this will be a relaxed, no-stress time you spend in my studio. I spend a good bit of time soothing and posing your baby, and we may stop a few times for feeding and mommy time. And in case baby doesn't want to sleep right away, I try to ensure all my moms that we will still capture sweet baby moments. Some of my favorite newborn images are when baby is awake, and wide-eyed photos can be truly breathtaking. Either way, we will create amazing photos and memories! 

You do not need to bring any props or outfits to your session unless you have something of sentimental value you would like in your pictures. Otherwise, I have numerous outfits, headbands, hats, bonnets, and one-of-a-kind vintage props. I will safely and artistically pose your baby in one, two, or three set-ups, depending on which package you choose. 

If you feel as strongly about capturing babies first year as you do about a newborn session, then my "Baby Plan" is created just for you! It is the best way to stay on track with baby's precious milestones and is a great value as well! Check out my "Baby Plan" to see if being a member is right for you! 

Please contact me here if you have questions or if you’d like to book a session.

· Initial consultation in person, via phone or email

· In-studio or outdoor photo session

· Photographer’s time and talent to artistically hand-retouch images

· Digital downloads of all edited images in full resolution

· Link to a musical video slideshow of your gallery to share

· Personal app of your gallery for your smartphones and tablets

· Printing rights to your entire gallery 

(Add $50 to any package to include 3 images with parents or siblings)

The "Fresh 48" Package includes 10-12 images taken of you, baby, and family in your hospital room within the first two days after birth. These are not posed pictures and are in a photojournalistic style (30 minute session) | $395

The Express Package includes 5 images of the baby wrapped and placed in or on a prop while baby is awake (30 minute session) | $395 

The Petite Package includes 5-7 images on the beanbag with fabric backdrop, wraps, hats, and headbands (1-2 hours) | $495  

The Essential Package includes 10-12 images on the beanbag and in one vintage prop (1.5- 2.5 hours) | $595  

The Premium Package includes 15-17 images on the beanbag and in two vintage props (2-3 hours) | $695

The Lux Package includes 20-22 images on the beanbag and in two vintage props, plus parents and siblings (2-4 hours) | $795

The Lifestyle Package includes 10-12 images taken in your home for newborns up to six weeks old. These are not posed pictures and are in a photojournalistic style. This session is perfect if you have missed the 14-day window for a posed newborn session (60 minute session) | $495

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